Abbreviated Timeline

Age of Dragons

Date: 15,000,000
-The gods Bahamut and Tiamat begin creating dragons, the first mortals, and as Bahamut and Tiamat war against each other their children war against each other. The dragon’s skirmishes span the globe, destroying the verdant landscape and causing the seas to boil.

Date: -7,000,000
After aeons of draconic battle and feuding there is little sustenance for the dragons to share and their numbers decrease as many of the oldest begin dying off in increasing numbers. With the dragon wars virtually at an end and the prime material plane of Zargos devastated, the other gods begin creating other races. As these other races begin to flourish, so does the planet begin to recover. Also during this time the giants who were created and labored under the primordials are beginning to increase in numbers. Many of the remaining dragons seize the opportunity the giants and other budding races present and begin building empires.
Date: -5,000,000
The Jennu Empire of Avalar is founded by the great green wyrm Jennuthava Thachzillian III.
Date: -4,233,000
The Jennu Empire is the largest on Zargos, it encompasses the entire western hemisphere. Late in the year its current ruler, the great black wyrm Jennuvuthael Ka’Davississ, is assassinated by a rebellious group of fire-giants calling themselves The Primordial Sons. With the throne of Jennu empty and no willing heirs, The Primordial Sons claim Avalar as their own and rename themselves the Imperial Overlords.
Date: -1,232,995
Other giant factions would challenge the Imperial Overlords, a war is fought with many fronts, taxing the resources and mettle of the Imperial Overlords. By the end of the year however, giants throughout the rest of Zargos are rebelling against their dragon rulers. So ends the Age of Dragons

Age of Giants

Date: -930,000
From the ashes of dragon kingdoms arise the kingdoms of giants, armed with the knowledge of their predecessors, wielding magic and might, they sought to conquer all.
Date: -82,000
The first known and recorded Ice age begins when the continental ice sheet north of Avalar stretches into the Argothian Sea. Jarl the Great, a frost-giant, races across the north defeating other giant kings and claiming their lands as his. He leaves the defeated kings in place to act as governors.
Date: -20,000
The dwarven slaves to the current frost-giant Jarl begin their rebellion. The dwarves flee the Jarl’s domain.
Date: -11,992
By this time, rumor of the rebellion has spread and influenced further rebelling against the giant kind.
Date: -6,000
Giant kind are hunted down by previous slave races such as orcs, humans, and dwarves. The receding ice sheet across Avalar makes it easier for the previous slave races to begin forging their own kingdoms in various regions throughout Avalar. War against the giants still rages across the continent.
Date: -323
A young human tribal leader named Kuroush Parrin unites a majority of the nomadic tribes west of the Aegis Sea, thus establishing the Parrinian Empire. By the end of the year he began invading the lands south of the Aegis Sea.
Date: -305
Virtually all giant kingdoms south and east of the Aegis Sea have been destroyed by invading Parrinians. Kuroush’s conquest has ended, the Parrinian Empire occupies a substantial portion of eastern Avalar.
Date: -292
Kuroush dies passing the crown onto his Eldest son, Sorash.
The elf kingdoms east of the Aegis Sea begin a conquest of their own rooting out the remaining giant kingdoms in eastern Avalar.
Date: -228
On his death bed, Sorash divides his kingdom between his sons Parth and Argoth.
Date: -220
Numerous tribes south of the Dragonsbirth Mountains begin rebelling against Argoth. Out of pity, Parth gives up a large portion of his lands south of the Aegis Sea, and Argoth withdraws from the lands both south of Dragonsbirth and Khalazzir Mountain ranges.
Date: -152
The elves have finished their systematic removal of the giants between the Aegis Sea and Tammorra Ocean and north of the Dragonsbirth Mountains. The territory is divided between two separate bloodlines or subraces of elves. The dry grasslands are ruled by the less civilized and more rugged wild elves. Their realm is dubbed Sal’nador. The vast woodland west of the steppes are settled by the high elves and their realm is named Cherubar.
By the end of this century, the Age of Giants comes to its end.

Age of Souls (current age)

Date: 52 p.r. (parrinian reckoning)
The realms of Zarran and Sibec are established.
Date: 63 p.r.
The realms of Burgoth and Kelgoth are established.
Date: 65 p.r.
Kendermore is officially recognized as an established realm.
Date: 198 p.r.
Barbarians from Kelgoth sack Parthia, the capitol of Parthaen. This was the first of several such sackings over the next 620 years.
War breaks out between Sal’nador and Cherubar when the high elves of Cherubar claim racial superiority.
The realm of Yesper is established.
Date: 346 – 348 p.r.
The realms of the Border Kingdoms, Khatan, and United Kingdoms are established over a two year period.
Date: 740 p.r.
Pirates from various realms unite and establish Tortage Island as an independent realm.
Date: 820 p.r.
After repeatedly being sacked, Parthia lays in ruins. Ptolus, a major port city on the Aegis Sea is established as the new capitol of Parthaen.
Date: 1010 p.r.
Explorers from Argothia discover an island off the coast of the Great Southern Ice Cap and name it New Argothia. In 1012 they discover Thaczil, but unlike New Argothia this new land is already inhabited by humanoids.

1483 p.r., current year

Abbreviated Timeline

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