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The pantheon of Zargos is known as the Tuatha De (tribe of gods). These are the gods and goddesses that created, or aided in the creation of the mortal world. As such they govern various aspects of life and dictate the fate of the eternal souls of mortal beings.
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The eastern hemisphere of Zargos, Eldamar, is populated by several continents and islands of varying sizes, these lands support thousands of realms as well as numerous races and cultures. The technological level differs from one land to the next as if each is a whole world unto itself. Bucmar, in the southwest, has alchemical and steam powered machines, while its neighbor to the east, Alda’nador, is an elven realm of science and magic. Meanwhile, the lands of Corrella and Vhaleim still rely on the blood and sweat of their populace as well as the sword and wizardry. The lands of Averash, Therren and Tu’kol vary within each region from stone age tools to black powder.



Avalar is the name of the western hemisphere and its large continent. It is home to a variety of races and cultures. Between the main continent and the major islands of Tortage, Dragonsreach, and Thaczil there are 20 geographical regions with most supporting one large realm each. The Border Kingdoms and United Kingdoms are home to several smaller kingdoms and Yesper is home to independent city-states.

Map by Igor Borges – Original concept by Christian Oliver

The large continent of Avalar is flanked on three sides by vast oceans. To the west lies Great Wyrm Ocean, to the east lies Tammorra Ocean and in the south lies Ugustus Ocean. There are also two seas in the south; Argothian Sea and Kaelmish Sea. There is one final sea land locked in the north central part of the continent, it is known as the Aegis Sea.

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