Welcome to Zargos!

This is a science fantasy campaign setting where swords and sorcery go hand in hand with lasers guns. Where barbarian or woodland archer characters are just as relevant as wizards or a pistol wielding bounty hunter on a gravbike.

The planet (Zargos) orbits two suns and has three moons. Two of the moons, one white and one red, are prominent fixtures in the lives of the inhabitants of Zargos and are seen as a boon. While the third moon, the dark moon, is thought to be a myth by many, and an ill omen by others.
The dual suns help mark the seasons. During the winter only one sun, the lager sun called Arus, is visible during the shorter days. In spring the smaller sun, Solta, appears first at dawn with Arus trailing behind. Summer days are marked by both Arus and Solta and are generally thought of as being brighter than the winter months. When fall comes Arus is first seen at dawn with Solta rising immediately afterwards.

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